Responsible Gaming

Full House Resorts and Grand Lodge Casino are committed to providing support and promoting awareness of gambling disorders. Full House Resorts’ mission statement in this regard is as follows:

Problem gambling is an important and well-recognized issue. Full House Resorts’ mission is to manage its affairs and conduct its activities in a manner cognizant of the need for effective programs and policies that address this issue in an enlightened and appropriate manner.

Full House Resorts is meeting the challenge in addressing the issue of problem gambling through its Responsible Gaming Awareness Program. The Responsible Gaming Awareness Program provides support for those individuals who have realized that they cannot gamble responsibly. The program focuses on increasing the awareness of customers, the community and casino employees.

Customer Awareness

The Customer Awareness component of the program is intended to make casino patrons aware of problem gambling issues and the various agencies that are qualified to provide intervention. This is achieved through such educational materials as posters and brochures that highlight problem gambling as well as agencies, known for their expertise in crisis intervention, counseling and treatment.

Employee Awareness

Full House Resorts provides information to its employees regarding the support mechanisms available for problem gamblers. Educational materials similar to those referred to in the Customer Awareness component are also produced for employees of Grand Lodge Casino.

Community Awareness

Community Awareness is designed to reach the surrounding community. Advertisements and/or promotional materials are used to highlight the issue of problem gambling and the agencies to which those affected can turn for help. There is also the opportunity to partner with local counseling and treatment agencies.

Getting Help

Problem Gambling Help lines: toll-free, anonymous and confidential help lines provide listening, support, information and referral.

The National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.: 1-800-GAMBLER

Self Exclusion: At Full House Resorts managed properties, patrons are offered the opportunity to voluntarily self-exclude themselves. Self exclusion forms are available by contacting the Director of Security at Grand Lodge Casino.